About us

UAB JUNONALT is one of the first exchange offices in Kaunas. We have been providing financial services since April 27, 2015. Our location is in the “Urmas” shopping area. Currently, our exchange office is staffed with 4 experienced employees.

Our mission is to provide high-quality currency exchange services and create value for the community. To achieve this, we have gathered highly qualified professionals capable of harnessing the necessary financial and technological resources. We have a clear vision of where our organization should be in the near future. Our organizational values are rooted in the work of our employees, not only contributing to the well-being of the community but also enhancing the trust of Lithuanian people in currency exchange.

In carrying out the organization’s mission and achieving its vision, the employees of UAB JUNONALT currency exchange work on the basis of essential organizational values: professional customer service, competence, quality and operational transparency.

UAB JUNONALT provides its customers with a fast and convenient currency exchange service and offers one of the best foreign exchange rates and rates. You can buy or sell more than 30 foreign currencies at the exchange.